Now What?

Bill Thompson decided at last to do the right thing, and end his obstruction of Bill de Blasio’s campaign for mayor. At this point de Blasio seems to be a certain winner on election day.

Perhaps, at last, the reign of a self-appointed tyrant will go, without so much as a glimmer of remaining influence. After all, Bloomberg surprised everyone by endorsing no one – an indication that no one really wanted his endorsement, and that, perhaps, he sensed his own irrelevancy.

Complaints have been heard coming from the concerned Business Class that it is time to fear for the future of New York.

Am I frightened? I don’t know. Not yet, at any rate. It will  take a long time to decide on where de Blasio’s mayoralty will take the city.  In the meantime I can only respond to the fearful : 12 years of such overbearing, devious and dishonest rule as we have suffered through until now has its own negative consequences. Had Michael Bloomberg not twisted Christine Quinn’s arm in 2009 to make it possible for him to run a third time, Ms. Quinn herself would probably have become mayor. She is, basically, a centrist politician, who knows how to smooth the rough edges of activist Business influences : she has made it harder for landlords to harass tenants, harder for the city to augment revenues by collecting excessive fines from small businesses via fraudulent summonses, etc. None of these constitutes a far left agenda; they can all be seen as upholding the conservative agenda by making it more palatable to the masses of people who can go out and vote and remove the excessive from office.

But Bloomberg insisted on having his way, and another (even worse) four years of robbing from the poor to give to the rich ensued.

Now, we hear complaints about the threat of Bill de Blasio …

Bill de Blasio probably would never have been elected without the oppressiveness of four extra Bloomberg years to work off of.

The Left becomes tempting when the Right becomes intolerable, and Bloomberg was – especially in his last four years – perfectly intolerable.

Those afraid of de Blasio have no one to blame but Michael Bloomberg for making this object of their fear look good enough to get elected, and that means that, if they supported Bloomberg, they have no one to blame but themselves.

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