Bloomberg Builds Towards A Fourth Term … ?

New York Bloomberg and Thompson: The (Really) Odd Couple – Village Voice

Clicking on the link above will take you to an article from the January 5th, 2010 edition of the Village Voice.

The article is particularly relevant to the current election, in which Bill de Blasio has gained about 40.3% of the votes in the Democratic primary, as opposed to rival Bill Thompson’s 26%. (A figure of 40% would allow de Blasio to be declared the winner; anything less, and he would be forced into a run-off election several weeks in the future – a burden for a competitor who must make his case against the Republican nominee, Joe Lhota, as effectively as possible by the general election early in November.)

Thompson claims he will not concede until the vote tallies are verified – a process which will take, conceivably,  weeks. He made his intention clear on election night, in a ringing speech conveying bravery and determination, and a will to win …

These are all commendable qualities. But : is there more involved than qualities of bravery and determination? Is there a whiff of fraud? Is there a suspicion that some third party has a devious hand in this? Why – really – would Thompson refuse to concede to de Blasio, when the interests of his party clearly demand he do so?

Read the article, and you decide …

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