The Mayor Wants You To Be Healthy. — Oh, Really?

The legacy Mike Bloomberg seems to be interested in carving out for himself is coming to seem to be one of personal health : he has helped New Yorkers become healthier through his various health initiatives, and it is this that he will be remembered for above all else. — Or, so his thinking goes these days.

There’s a lot to be said on this subject, and no single blog post could hope to say it all.

I would like to focus on one very small, but clear and precise detail in the health orientation of our mayor.

By now (August 2012) when the vast majority of my customers have lost any interest in the taxi TV and have come to consider it, more often than not, a nuisance, and even something great numbers of them are eager to say they “hate” — by now I have been told thousands of times by these passengers that the Taxi TV makes them “sick.”

Somewhere around two thirds of women, and around one third of men, claim to get car sick when it’s on.

What does this mean?

Well, it seems to mean that the mayor’s concern for health is, at best, variable. There are over 5 million cab passengers a week, and, if around half of them are getting sick from the experience, as they say they are, then that means that the mayor’s brainstorm, the Taxi TV, is making somewhere between 2 and 3 million people sick every week.

Or : 130 million people a year.

Or, now that the TV tube has been in place for 4 years : 520 million people to date.

Which is to say, that the mayor can claim to have made half a billion people sick in the last 4 years.

Now there’s a health legacy!

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