NYC Cab Drivers Make $10.83 An Hour

For some reason, many people like to think cab drivers “make out” really well.

(For some reason, too, they seem to be attached to the phrase “make out,” when it comes to expressing themselves on the topic. Why this should be, I don’t know.)

One easy way of calculating just how well cab drivers — at least in New York — are doing (or “making out,” I suppose) is to take the latest Taxi and Limousine Commission estimate of the average take-home pay for a cab shift, and to divide this by the number of  hours in a shift.

Sound easy? Let’s do it.

Average pay for a taxi shift : $130.

Average number of hours in a taxi shift : 12.

Therefore, average pay per hour for a New York City cab driver : $10.83.

And this they call “making out.”

Which dictionary are they using!?

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