Hold The Presses!

Yesterday I posted an appraisal of the new fare increase — about which I was enthusiastic, citing especially the role of TLC Chairperson David Yassky as something to be happy about. Another day, however, and doubts creep in. Currently held up by a judge’s temporary restraining order is a plan advanced by the State of New York and supported by the mayor and the TLC calling for an additional 2,000 cabs to be put on the streets in future months. The TLC is confident the delay isn’t final, and the cabs will eventually be cleared for service.

My question : if that happens, then what happens to the fare “increase”?

There are already about 14,000 cabs on the road. Adding 2,000 more equates to an increase in the total fleet of about 15%, and, consequently, a like increase to the competition the average driver faces. So, if the average driver stands to see his business fall off by 15% due to increased competition (a likely development), then what happens to the fare increase? It seems to rapidly shrink to 2%, doesn’t it?

Is this just another cosmetic deception, like many others from the Commission?

Well, we shall see what happens — whether the new cab initiative goes through, and what the results will actually turn out to be. Only time will tell. But : at this point, doubts about the fare “increase” are not to be rejected out of hand. Things have not played out thoroughly, the truth will come only when the fare is in place, and the fate of the increased cab plan is known and its effects experienced.

Just when everything seemed so rosy …

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