The Story Thus Far …

“The story thus far” exists in a nutshell as it appears in the previous two posts.

From a job that was frequently an interesting experience for one and all, the taxi experience both for me and my passengers has become a bit twisted and frustrating.

The accident I refer to in my TLC email [previous post] actually occurred. It occurred in March of 2011, and, since then, I have had to ask virtually every passenger if he or she wouldn’t mind “pressing the off button on the TV.” (At thirty passengers a night, this gets pretty tedious.)

Sometimes I feel like I’m under siege, and many passengers feel the same.

So, my dilemma : though I had wanted to write a bright and merry taxi blog — with anecdotes and memories, asides about New York history, and advice for newcomers and tourists — the taxi TV had made that impossible. I had planned to write an honest account of the job. As of three years ago, when the TV’s were mandated, it had become impossible to give an honest account of the experience I was having driving a cab, without including the misery of the Taxi TV.

And then, the whole blog would be different, and not as appealing as I had planned.

That thought was depressing. I had to do something.

I decided to delay. After all, I really didn’t know what to do, and delaying is always an excellent tactic when you can’t think of an alternative.

After a while, however, the time felt ripe to start, and, so, the blog has been launched, though with more controversy in its content than I had foreseen. The otherwise bright has become shaded, at best.

Please excuse the occasional murk and distress. At this point it can’t be helped.

I promise to include as much pleasant content as possible.

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